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Katherine Heigl
Katherine Heigl - Actor Most folks recognize Katherine Heigl as Issie Stevens, the blond bombshell doctor on the the hit television series Grey's Anatomy. But Heigl has been twisting photo lens ever since she was nine years old. In addition, she already had an extensive film career underway before she got cast as one of Seattle's finest surgeons.
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Kim Dotcom
Kim Dotcom - Business Kim Dotcom makes for a great story when it comes to whether his computer activity is legal or not. Over the years, he has gone toe-to-toe attempting to have his way. Right now, the U.S. Government has been doing everything to thwart him from continuing with a site he established called
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Ron Jeremy
Ron Jeremy - Porn Ron Jeremy is one of those guys that probably will never get an invitation from the Pope. As a mainstay in adult feature porn films, the self-proclaimed 'hardest' working actor in America throws all his juices into his work. As the No. 1 adult male porn star in the world, Jeremy proudly understands that he doesn't necessarily look like a woman's fantasy male. At 5-foot-6, the portly, mustached Jeremy doesn't rely on his keg-like abs to score. He believes that movies may be more about the women than the men. If he can get these type of babes, th...
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Dwight Howard
Dwight Howard - Athlete Dwight Howard seems to be frustrated in Orlando nowadays. The high flying center for the NBA's Orlando Magic has spent the last eight years of his young life doing everything within his power to push his team toward the vaunted Championship but that trophy seems farther away. His recent contract machinations with the team ownership extended his stay there through the 2012-203 season, but in the last few days of the regular season, his unhappiness appears more clear than ever. ...
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William Hearst
William Hearst - Business Mark Twain and Jack London use to call him boss. At the turn of the 20th Century, William Randolf Hearst was set on making his mark through print journalism and the advent of mass production. Hearst took advantage of his privileged upbring and took the reigns of the San Francisco Chronicle to a place where he owned, operated and managed more that 30 large daily newspapers in large cities around the United States at great expense. ...
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Dr. Dre Young
Dr. Dre Young - Rap Dr. Dre or Andre Romelle Young is probably one of the world’s best known artists. Dr. Dre does not only stick to rapping, but also works the field as a producer and entrepreneur. Making a lot of money as a musician, Young was able to acquire the position of founder and CEO of Aftermath Entertainment and Beats Electronics. ...
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Michaele Salahi turns 51 today

Celebrity Astrology: Libra
Kim Kardashian
Age: 36
Will Smith
Age: 38
Louis Oosthuizen
Age: 34
Ichiro Suzuki
Age: 43
Michaele Salahi
Age: 51
Simon Cowell
Age: 57
Serena Williams
Age: 35
Eric Lynch
Age: 38
Derrick Rose
Age: 28
Josh Hutcherson
Age: 24
Scott Hall
Age: 58
Snoop Dogg
Age: 45
Lil Wayne 
Age: 34
Michael Douglas
Age: 72
Usher Raymond
Age: 38
Usher Raymond
Age: 38
Peter Thiel
Age: 49
T Pain 
Age: 31
Tommy Lee
Age: 54
Age: 44
Chuck Lorre
Age: 64
Luciano Pavorotti
Age: 81
Jim Rome
Age: 52
Vladimir Putin
Age: 64
Bam Margera
Age: 37
Benjamin Netanyahu
Age: 67
Sammy Hagar
Age: 69
Al Sharpton
Age: 62
Michelle Malkin
Age: 46
Barbara Walters
Age: 87
Tom Petty
Age: 66
Jesse Jackson
Age: 75
Bruno Mars
Age: 31
Stacy Kiebler
Age: 37
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