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Dick Cheney
Dick Cheney - Politics Dick Cheney just got a reprieve. For some time, his heart has been grinding along begrudgingly. The former Vice President of the U.S. was a recent recipient of a heart transplant in the Virginia area. Now that he has a new lease on life, he should be able to better distribute the net worth that he has muster in both public and private sectors that amounts to $$$.
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Ken Block
Ken Block - Business If someone has a plan to strike it rich, Ken Block may not be the best example. Although the multi-millionaire can claim riches beyond compare, he did it first through hard work, collaboration with buddies, manufacture of a popular culture item and then some natural athletic talent. The former outright co-owner of DC shoes and extreme sports wear now has a healthy net worth of $$$.
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Derrick Rose
Derrick Rose - Athlete Professional basketball player Derrick Martell Rose was born on October 4, 1988 and currently plays for the Chicago Bulls. Derrick Rose was the first guard to be drafted in the NBA since Allen Iverson in 1996. His career awarded him NBA Rookie of the Year. He was also the youngest player to ever win this award, being only 22 when he received this award.
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Lance Armstrong
Lance Armstrong - Athlete It's hard to imagine the pain that Lance Armstrong went through to accomplish all he has done. With every pedal stoke he has taken toward his seven consecutive Tour de France victories, Armstrong has built a lasting legacy that appears to be infallible. With all his diverse interests, his net worth now hovers at $$$.
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Alec Baldwin
Alec Baldwin - Actor Call him an enigma, but Alec Baldwin can cover the bases in style, acting, temperament and humor. The staunch political activist can do a lot of those things because over the course of his television, movie and acting career he has amassed a net worth of $$$.
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Tom Hanks
Tom Hanks - Actor Tom Hanks gets cast as an ordinary man who has extra-ordinary things happen to him. Never trained in the art of acting, in fact he was booted after an audition during an attempt to get a part for a college play, Hanks lucked up and was discovered playing a part in a local community theater play. Those extra-ordinary talents have earned him back-to-back Oscars for Best Actor.
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Birthday Celebrities
Lady Gaga  turns 31 today

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Age: 37
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Age: 42
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Age: 75
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Age: 59
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Age: 30
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Age: 34
Peyton Manning
Age: 41
Joe Francis
Age: 44
Pete Rose
Age: 76
Victoria Beckham
Age: 43
Martin Lawrence
Age: 52
Anderson Silva
Age: 42
Danica Patrick
Age: 35
Lady Gaga 
Age: 31
Joe Mauer
Age: 34
Steven Seagal
Age: 65
Al Gore
Age: 69
Robert Kiyosaki
Age: 70
Jenna Jameson
Age: 43
James Patterson
Age: 70
David Letterman
Age: 70
Reese Witherspoon
Age: 41
Age: 48
Dave Mirra
Age: 43
Steven Tyler
Age: -31
Jesse James
Age: 48
Age: 42
Elton John
Age: 70
Kristen Stewart
Age: 27
Sarah Jessica Parker
Age: 52
Jeff Dunham
Age: 55
Robert Downey Jr
Age: 52
Age: 37
Miguel Cabrera
Age: 34
Mariah Carey
Age: 47
Eddie Murphy
Age: 56
Larry Page
Age: 44
Tom Clancy
Age: 70
Suge Knight
Age: 52
Jackie Chan
Age: 63
Rosie O'Donnell
Age: 55
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