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Simon Cowell
Simon Cowell - Producer Cowell has gotten that kind of large cash from his very brutal assessment of how someone looks, acts, performs or sings. As an integral cog on a variety of hit star-search shows, Cowell knows how to diminish pipe dreams in a single breath. As the acerbic judge on American Idol, many a contestant has gone off crying after Simon tells them the brutal reality of their limited talent.
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Dick Cheney
Dick Cheney - Politics Dick Cheney just got a reprieve. For some time, his heart has been grinding along begrudgingly. The former Vice President of the U.S. was a recent recipient of a heart transplant in the Virginia area. Now that he has a new lease on life, he should be able to better distribute the net worth that he has muster in both public and private sectors that amounts to $$$.
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Zsa Zsa Gabor
Zsa Zsa Gabor - Actor Zsa Zsa Gabor spent most of her life relying on her looks, her wit and her ability to climb socially. The Hungarian beauty queen managed to light up the social calendar during the 1950s as a dazzling blond, sophisticated with a European flair that drove men crazy. She married nine of them.
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Amado Fuentes
Amado Fuentes - Criminal Amado Carrillo Fuentes was the founding member of the Juárez Cartel and in 1986 he took to the skies to grow his organization's wealth and power. Instead of buying small Cherokee Cubs to move a few kilos of cocaine across the U.S. Border, Fuentes employed a technique that earned him the nickname “Lord of the Skies.” Carrillo purchased a fleet of Boeing 727s and transported metric tons of the white stuff, saturating the U.S. with his cocaine and inflating the Juárez Cartel's war chest beyond measure.
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William Hearst
William Hearst - Business Mark Twain and Jack London use to call him boss. At the turn of the 20th Century, William Randolf Hearst was set on making his mark through print journalism and the advent of mass production. Hearst took advantage of his privileged upbring and took the reigns of the San Francisco Chronicle to a place where he owned, operated and managed more that 30 large daily newspapers in large cities around the United States at great expense.
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Courtney Love
Courtney Love - Musician Courtney Michelle Harrison is mainly known as the wife of Nirvana singer Kurt Cobain, but she also makes a good living as a singer, songwriter, musician, actress and visual artist.
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Birthday Celebrities
Matt Drudge turns 54 today
John Gotti turns 80 today

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Age: 39
Calvin Klein
Age: 78
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Age: 42
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Age: 70
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Age: 46
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Age: 65
Katy Perry
Age: 36
Demi Moore
Age: 58
Scarlett Johansson
Age: 36
Michael Strahan
Age: 49
Laurene Powell Jobs
Age: 57
Sean Combs
Age: 51
Matt Drudge
Age: 54
John Gotti
Age: 80
Shah Rukh Khan
Age: 55
Bethenny Frankel
Age: 50
Tila Tequila
Age: 40
Gordon Ramsey
Age: 54
Ken Block
Age: 53
Julia Roberts
Age: 53
Hugh Laurie
Age: 61
Travis Barker
Age: 45
Joseph Kennedy
Age: 51
Joe Biden
Age: 78
Ryan Howard
Age: 41
Bubba Watson
Age: 42
Lamar Odom
Age: 41
Age: 55
Carly Rae Jepsen
Age: 35
Age: 34
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