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Peter Gabriel
Peter Gabriel - Musician When Peter Gabriel first appeared on stage in an extravagant costume, the band members of Genesis were just as surprised as the audience. The band's lead singer took it upon himself to push the edge of creativity and counter a terrible PA system by playing out a theme that stretched the imagination. For the band's song Foxtrot, Gabriel donned a flowery bodice with a helmet adorning Fox-feathers. Luckily, it worked. Genesis continued its upward bound mobility that garnered the bands reputation for as a great British bank that got its start in 19...
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Tom Brady
Tom Brady - Athlete It may be that the starting quarterback for the New England Patriots is the luckiest guy in the world. For the last ten years, Thomas Edward Patrick Brady has run up some numbers that no one could have imagined. The most important statistic is that he married Gisele Bündchen. In the real world, that would be enough, but in Brady's World that was just halftime stuff. It's the stuff that makes his net worth amount to $$$. ...
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T Pain 
T Pain - Musician With four cutting edge albums and two Grammy awards, the artist know as T-Pain seems to have found his niche in a market of rappers, hip hoppers and rhythm and blues musicians. The Tallahassee, Florida born Faheem Rasheed Najm has transferred his unique “Auto-Tone” style into a a crowd pleasing set of songs that has buttressed his net worth to $$$. ...
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Ellen DeGeneres
Ellen DeGeneres - Host A long, long, long time ago there use to be a late night talk show that was hosted by a guy named Johnny Carson. Carson owned late night television and provided the springboards for Jay Leno, David Letterman and almost all of the most recognized names in stand up comedy and late night television. That's how Ellen DeGeneres made it. She has been heralded as the very first female stand up comic that got invited to join the other guest on Johnny's "couch." Nothing has got in the way since. ...
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Andy Grammer
Andy Grammer - Musician Andy Grammer readily admits that his success in the music business is a dream come true – and a lot earlier than he imagined. The self-described optimist began the music grind playing street corners on the plush Promenade in Santa Monica, California. Even though snobbery there could have put a wet blanket on his dreams, his songwriting skills and delivery made him a popular attraction in an area with heavy competition for attention. ...
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Al Gore
Al Gore - Politics Former Vice President Al Gore’s net worth has increased tenfold since leaving office of the U.S. Vice Presidency. His net worth is now $$$. His bankability has come from a variety of sources, but his speaking engagements remain a lucrative source of his present income. ...
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Birthday Celebrities
Snooki  turns 33 today
Miley Cyrus turns 28 today

Celebrity Astrology: Sagittarius
Lucky Luciano
Age: 123
Warren Sapp
Age: 48
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Age: 67
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Age: 45
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Age: 31
Nicki Minaj
Age: 38
Britney Spears
Age: 39
Age: 33
Vin Sculley
Age: 93
Ted Nugent
Age: 72
Jay Z 
Age: 51
Pablo Escobar
Age: 71
Ray Romano
Age: 63
Manny Pacquiao
Age: 42
Dwight Howard
Age: 35
Jon Stewart
Age: 58
Bhumibol Adulyadej
Age: 93
Amado Fuentes
Age: 64
Bucky Lasek
Age: 48
Aaron Rodgers
Age: 37
Terrell Owens
Age: 47
Steven Spielberg
Age: 74
Ben Stiller
Age: 55
Miley Cyrus
Age: 28
Dick Wolf
Age: 74
Teri Hatcher
Age: 56
Katherine Heigl
Age: 42
Age: 50
Brad Pitt
Age: 57
Christina Aguilera
Age: 40
Ozzy Osbourne
Age: 72
Keith Richards
Age: 77
Andy Grammer
Age: 37
The Game 
Age: 41
Dionne Warwick
Age: 80
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