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Sara Gilbert
Sara Gilbert - Actor Sarah Gilbert makes her money from acting. She is mainly known for her role as Darlene Conner on “Roseanne”. Since the shows final episode in 1997, Sarah created her own daytime talk show “The Talk” and appeared on the hit comedy show “The Big Bang Theory”.
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George W Bush
George W Bush - Politics POTUS 43 or more politely, the 43rd President of the United States and former governor of Texas, George W. Bush has amassed a net worth of $$$. He is the son of President George H.W. Bush and Barbara Bush.
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Barry Bonds
Barry Bonds - Athlete Barry Bonds had it all going on for a while. He could hit a baseball like the dickens, he could run like the wind and he could throw to the plate with precision. During his 21 years as a MLB stalwart, Bonds managed to grow his net worth into a sizable amount that is currently $$$. But problems started to creep into the mix in the early 2000s when Barry, as a San Francisco Giant, started launching too many of those baseballs over too many walls.
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Audrey Bitoni
Audrey Bitoni - Porn A quick glance at one of Audrey Bitoni's photos and you could swear that you just spied Snooki from Jersey Shore. Reportedly, that is where the likeness ends. Bitoni, like Snooki, also hams it up for the camera, but not necessarily in the same manner. Bitoni is more well known for, er, more revealing roles than the Snookster. As an adult porn actress Bitoni has generated enough attention to bed a net worth of $$$.
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Magic Johnson
Magic Johnson - Athlete Magic Johnson has been quietly building his net worth to $$$ since retiring from the NBA because of his HIV infection.
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Ray Rice
Ray Rice - Athlete Ray Rice, also known as Raymell Mourice Rice, makes a living as a professional American football player. Although he is a very talented running back, he is currently a free agent because nobody wants to be associated with him at the moment. The reason why no team wants to hire Rice has everything to do with the fact that Rice was sentenced for aggravated assault on March 27, 2014.
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Birthday Celebrities
Eric Lynch turns 40 today
Scott Hall turns 60 today
Snoop Dogg turns 47 today
Michelle Malkin turns 48 today
Tom Petty turns 68 today

Celebrity Astrology: Libra
Kim Kardashian
Age: 38
Will Smith
Age: 40
Louis Oosthuizen
Age: 36
Ichiro Suzuki
Age: 45
Michaele Salahi
Age: 53
Simon Cowell
Age: 59
Serena Williams
Age: 37
Eric Lynch
Age: 40
Derrick Rose
Age: 30
Josh Hutcherson
Age: 26
Scott Hall
Age: 60
Snoop Dogg
Age: 47
Lil Wayne 
Age: 36
Michael Douglas
Age: 74
Usher Raymond
Age: 40
Usher Raymond
Age: 40
Peter Thiel
Age: 51
T Pain 
Age: 33
Tommy Lee
Age: 56
Age: 46
Chuck Lorre
Age: 66
Luciano Pavorotti
Age: 83
Jim Rome
Age: 54
Vladimir Putin
Age: 66
Bam Margera
Age: 39
Benjamin Netanyahu
Age: 69
Sammy Hagar
Age: 71
Al Sharpton
Age: 64
Michelle Malkin
Age: 48
Barbara Walters
Age: 89
Tom Petty
Age: 68
Jesse Jackson
Age: 77
Bruno Mars
Age: 33
Stacy Kiebler
Age: 39
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