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Sammy Hagar
Sammy Hagar - Musician Rock is in his blood, roll is in his soul and Sammy Hagar can hang with the best of them. Singing rock and strumming his guitar since the late 60s, this music Hall of Famer worked with some of the Alums and opened a string of successful eateries, all the while screaming his way to a net worth of $$$ - befitting a Rock King.
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Vladimir Putin
Vladimir Putin - Politics No, that net worth is not a typo. Vladimir Putin is like a cat with nine lives. When one thinks it’s over for him, he comes back stronger and better. Just take a look as his net worth of $$$. No other place is this more evident that his presidential victory in Russia’s recent elections in 2012. Rumor has it that as Prime Minister, he was really the one in charge not the departed Dmitry Medvedev who incidentally appointed Putin as Prime Minister in 2008 because he was ineligible to run for three consecutive terms. Seems ...
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Reggie Bush
Reggie Bush - Athlete Reggie Bush runs his life like he runs the football. With his speed, tenacity, quick moves and scores, he successfully made his way through high school, college and now enjoys the fruits of the professional ranks as a running back for the Miami Dolphins. As he has been a triple threat catching, running and playing decoy for his teams, his bank accounts have gained some yardage – now with a net worth of $$$. ...
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Jon Gruden
Jon Gruden - Football If looks could kill, Jon Gruden, the former head football coach for the Oakland Raiders and then the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, would have a master's degree in this subject matter. His famous sneer earned him the nickname of Chucky - from the movie series about a killer doll. Of course, that nickname was always thrown about out of his ear shot. Gruden just could not keep his displeasure secret with a player's incompetence or mistakes. If he was coaching you and you did something wrong, he didn't have to waste a whole lot of time letting you know wh...
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Jesse Jane
Jesse Jane - Porn With platinum blond hair, a 6-foot-3 inch frame, long eye-lashes and two big, er, enticing eyes, Jesse Jane extols the virtues that porn industry aficionados appreciate. Jane has turned her high school cheerleading talents into a variety talk show that delves into adult discussions. As a host of a cable show called DP Tonight, Jame and her co-hosts discuss adult industry gossip, audience interaction and the latest and greatest stars of the adult world. She has starred in several very commercially successful adult flicks. ...
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Kelly Clarkson
Kelly Clarkson - Musician Not only does Kelly Clarkson represent the American Idol as its inaugural winner, she takes the cake when it comes to selling the most albums than any of the other annual Idol winners have during their careers. Since her breakout performances on the initial American Idol 2002 competition, she has averaged more than two millions records sold a year to eager buyers. That's more than 21 million of them. ...
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Age: 39
Usher Raymond
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Age: 65
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Age: 47
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Age: 88
Tom Petty
Age: 67
Jesse Jackson
Age: 76
Bruno Mars
Age: 32
Stacy Kiebler
Age: 38
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