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Dr. Dre Young
Dr. Dre Young - Rap Dr. Dre or Andre Romelle Young is probably one of the world’s best known artists. Dr. Dre does not only stick to rapping, but also works the field as a producer and entrepreneur. Making a lot of money as a musician, Young was able to acquire the position of founder and CEO of Aftermath Entertainment and Beats Electronics.
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Steve Jobs
Steve Jobs - Business The recent passing of Steve Jobs didn't change the way he has effected the world. With products he dreamed up as the head of Apple, Jobs couldn't be more relevant as the digital world continues to be attractive to those last few hold outs. Apple's cutting edge products, which include the iPod, iPhone and the iPad, occupy the evolution of modern technology.
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Sean Hannity
Sean Hannity - Host Espousing his ideology since his college days seems to have paid off for Sean Hannity. His days as a student broadcaster on the University of California Santa Barbara radio waves made some other waves but it did secure his place as one of colleges most talked about radio hosts. Even though the ACLU had to cover his back to win his job back, Hannity decided to move on and take advantage of the notoriety and the attendant offers forthcoming. Credit to the ACLU from Hannity has yet to be disclosed.
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Bow Wow 
Bow Wow - Musician From an early age, Shad Gregory Moss must have used the maxim, 'Take No Prisoners.' Despite not ever meeting or growing up with his biological father, the man-boy now called Bow Wow showed no fear as he took on the ranks of the rap world before he was even ten. That tenacity is reflected in his net worth of $$$.
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Hulk Hogan
Hulk Hogan - Athlete With the unmistakable mustache and the huge physical frame, Terry Gene Bollea – better known as Hulk Hogan – has earned his keep as a professional wrestler, actor and television personality since the late 1980s. While earning that keep, he has grown his net worth to $$$. Throughout his career, he has maintained the bombastic energy and platinum locks that made him a fan favorite no matter what arena he jumped in.
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Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan - Athlete We might as well get it out of the way and just change Michael Jordan's name to Mr. Basketball. Throughout his entire life, Jordan has worked his magic on the basketball court and he hasn't let age get in the way. Now that his net worth is $$$, the majority owner of the National Basketball League's Charlotte Bobcats continues to push the edge to be perfect in everything he tries.
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Birthday Celebrities
Rihanna  turns 31 today
Charles Barkley turns 56 today
Cindy Crawford turns 53 today

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Age: 31
Paul Teutul Sr.
Age: 70
Eva Longoria
Age: 44
Charles Barkley
Age: 56
Osama bin Laden
Age: 62
Rob Kardashian
Age: 32
Carrie Underwood
Age: 36
Mary Murphy
Age: 61
Shaquille O`neal
Age: 47
Gloria Steinem
Age: 85
Floyd Mayweather
Age: 42
Bow Wow 
Age: 32
Jon Bon Jovi
Age: 57
Tony Robbins
Age: 59
Johnny Knoxville
Age: 48
Bret Michaels
Age: 56
Carrie Underwood
Age: 36
Adam Levine
Age: 40
Ron Jeremy
Age: 66
Joel Osteen
Age: 56
Reggie Bush
Age: 34
Ashley Greene
Age: 32
Penn Jillette
Age: 64
Al Jarreau
Age: 79
Cindy Crawford
Age: 53
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