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Birdman - Musician Growing up in New Orleans obviously gave Bryan Williams a taste of sweet music and the desire to make that money Ė and to spend it. Now going by the moniker of Birdman, Williams has lost neither of those early life lessons as he has become a music mogul with an estimated net worth of $$$.
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Madonna Ciccone
Madonna Ciccone - Musician It seems like wherever Madonna pops up, controversy is sure to follow. It may be the 2012 NFL Super Bowl halftime show or mixing it up on Twitter, but the 50+ year old singer knows how to stir the pot and re-invent herself to stay on top of the musical world. Madonna has been able to go from being Like a Virgin to being a real Material Girl with a net worth of $$$.
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Gisele Bundchen
Gisele Bundchen - Model Some people just don't see what the bid deal is with Gisele BŁndchen. Just because the Brazilian model has legs up to her neck and wears lingerie as if it weren't there (daily), there are those who pooh pooh her anointment as a supermodel. Those same people have not been thoroughly evaluated for psychological problems either because Gisele must have traded her soul in for those fine, um, looks. Her modeling career, endorsements and brand have jettisoned her net worth to $$$.
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Toby Keith
Toby Keith - Musician Noboby can say that Toby Keith Covel got stuck being lazy. The country music singer-songwriter has been cranking out albums during his 20 years in the business like an automatic press. In each case, the commercial success has grown exponentially and 'Toby Keith' has extended his activity into record producing and acting.
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Elton John
Elton John - Musician Call him a survivor. Call him a knight. Call him one of the greatest pop rock acts in your lifetime. In each one of this occasions, you would be right when you are talking about Sir Elton Hercules John. The singer, composer and pianist has owned the stage around the world for more that 35 years. His early flamboyant showmanship didn't reveal the dedication, talent and passion John has had since his early days.
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Milla Jovovich
Milla Jovovich - Actor Milla Jovovich makes a good living as an American actress, but also makes money as a musician, model and fashion designer.
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Birthday Celebrities
Carlos Beltran turns 42 today
Kelly Clarkson turns 37 today

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Mark Zuckerburg
Age: 35
Jerry Seinfeld
Age: 65
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Age: 37
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Age: 41
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Age: 33
Adele Adkins
Age: 31
Jill Duggar
Age: 28
Chris Brown
Age: 30
Jet Li
Age: 56
David Beckham
Age: 44
Bernie Madoff
Age: 81
Dwayne Johnson
Age: 47
Roy Halladay
Age: 42
Carlos Beltran
Age: 42
George Lucas
Age: 75
Robert Pattinson
Age: 33
Stephen Colbert
Age: 55
Tony Hawk
Age: 51
Jack Nicholson
Age: 82
George Clooney
Age: 58
Tina Fey
Age: 49
Tim McGraw
Age: 52
Kelly Clarkson
Age: 37
William Hearst
Age: 156
Tony Stewart
Age: 48
Jay Leno
Age: 69
Josh Beckett
Age: 39
Ray Lewis
Age: 44
Louis Farrakhan
Age: 86
Mike Wallace
Age: 101
Theresa Giudice
Age: 47
Kandi Burruss
Age: 43
Georges St. Pierre
Age: 38
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