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Best Ways To Get Rich, Go Broke Editor breaks down three things that bring mega wealth, and three that send you into the gilded poor house.

Recently Updated Celebrities
Sandra Bullock
Sandra Bullock - Actor The kids who use to make fun of Sandra Bullock's clothes in high school have to be kicking themselves in the behind now. They had a chance to buddy up to one of the world's most accomplished actresses of our time. And, she's kinda cute. Her attire back in the early 80s was a byproduct of her mother's German ancestry, but nowadays, Sandra could buy anything her heart desires and does because the American movie actress and production studio head has a net worth of $$$.
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Joe Biden
Joe Biden - Politics Joseph Biden currently serves as the 47th Vice President of the United States along side President Barack Obama. The former senator from Delaware represented his home state from 1973 until he took the reins of the Vice Presidency in 2008. His net worth totals to $$$.
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Jesse James
Jesse James - Business It you need a lesson on how to create, operate and succeed on a reality show, you only need to look as far as Jesse James. The tatted-up reality show personality has a three pack of successful shows on a variety of networks that keep his image and legacy close to the outlaw namesake. James has run the show Jesse James is a Dead Man that plays on Spike TV. He has hosted Monster Garage on the Discovery Channel. And he has a new series called Jesse James Outlaw Garage on the Discovery network.
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Ray J
Ray J - Musician William Raymond Norwood Jr. has the an advantage with the lineage stock of talent that his family possesses. The musician, producer and actor is a first cousin of Snoop Dogg and the younger brother of Brandy, who most have been introduced to as Moesha. His stage name of Ray J. has carried his message through several recording projects and his entry into the television and film business.
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Bear Grylls
Bear Grylls - Personality You could drop him out of a helicopter with nothing more than the clothes on his back in the most austere conditions and Bear Grylls would make it out alive. It could be in the densest jungle in Malaysia or an arid scape in the Sahara, but Grylls' survival skills rival those of a meandering beast. As the host of a long-running reality show featuring his adventures, Grylls uses his military training, his daring and his preparedness to tackle each and every foreboding landscape this world can throw at him.
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Octomom - Personality The million dollar porn offer that Nadya Suleman turned down in 2009 doesn't look so bad now. Now known simply as Octomom, Suleman has hit some hard times and it doesn't seem to be going over well with her neighbors. Octomom recently filed for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy protection. It seems that although she was rich before now she is broke.
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Birthday Celebrities
Danielle Steel turns 71 today
Tim Tebow turns 31 today
Magic Johnson turns 59 today
Mila Kunis turns 35 today

Celebrity Astrology: Leo
Robert Deniro
Age: 75
Matt Damon
Age: 48
Sergey Brin
Age: 45
Mario Balotelli
Age: 28
Danielle Steel
Age: 71
Barack Obama
Age: 57
June Shannon
Age: 39
Mark Cuban
Age: 60
Alex Rodriguez
Age: 43
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Age: 71
Deion Sanders
Age: 51
Brody Jenner
Age: 35
Madonna Ciccone
Age: 60
Cain Velasquez
Age: 36
Dana White
Age: 49
John Stamos
Age: 55
Jennifer Lopez
Age: 49
Hulk Hogan
Age: 65
Kevin Mitnick
Age: 55
Hugo Chavez
Age: 64
Fidel Castro
Age: 92
Bill Clinton
Age: 72
Todd Helton
Age: 45
Tom Brady
Age: 41
Christopher Nolan
Age: 48
James Cameron
Age: 64
Sandra Bullock
Age: 54
Jennifer Lawrence
Age: 28
Roger Federer
Age: 37
Mick Jagger
Age: 75
Tim Tebow
Age: 31
Steve Carell
Age: 56
Audrey Bitoni
Age: 32
Magic Johnson
Age: 59
Ron Paul
Age: 83
Barry Bonds
Age: 54
Tera Patrick
Age: 42
Fernando Alonso
Age: 37
Jon Gruden
Age: 55
David Duchovny
Age: 58
Mila Kunis
Age: 35
Demi Lovato
Age: 26
Robert Redford
Age: 82
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