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Jillian Michaels
Jillian Michaels - Personality Jillian Michaels is mainly known for her appearance as a trainer in The Biggest Loser TV-show. Even though Jillian became famous through the biggest loser, she is more than just a personal trainer. The world-famous personal trainer is also a bestselling author, business woman and one of the leading experts on health and wellness.
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Zsa Zsa Gabor
Zsa Zsa Gabor - Actor Zsa Zsa Gabor spent most of her life relying on her looks, her wit and her ability to climb socially. The Hungarian beauty queen managed to light up the social calendar during the 1950s as a dazzling blond, sophisticated with a European flair that drove men crazy. She married nine of them.
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Tom Brady
Tom Brady - Athlete It may be that the starting quarterback for the New England Patriots is the luckiest guy in the world. For the last ten years, Thomas Edward Patrick Brady has run up some numbers that no one could have imagined. The most important statistic is that he married Gisele BŁndchen. In the real world, that would be enough, but in Brady's World that was just halftime stuff. It's the stuff that makes his net worth amount to $$$.
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Rick Harrison
Rick Harrison - Personality He claims to be the direct descendant of a couple of former U.S. Presidents, but Rick Harrison, the television reality star of Pawn Stars, has made his own slice of history as the host of the History Channel's hit series Pawn Stars. In addition, the series has grown his net worth to $$$.
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Mark Burnett
Mark Burnett - Producer In 1982, Mark Burnett made a life changing decision in the mid-the air on the way from London to Los Angeles. Instead of heading into the jungles of Central American to join the British Special Service as an advisor, he opted to chase the American dream, join a buddy and take a nanny job for $250 dollars a week. That decision has turned out pretty well for him. For now, he has accomplished the goals he set that October and rests comfortably on a net worth of $$$ Ė a tad more than that first weekly wage.
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Warren Sapp
Warren Sapp - Athlete Warren Sapp was a Miami Hurricane. Then, he became a Tampa Bay Buccaneer. Somewhere along the line he played as an Oakland Raider and now he is trying out to be a United States Bankrupter. Changing teams, affiliations and contracts could not change the inevitable demise of his bank account as the announcer for NFL Networks realizes that his assets must exceed his debts and that hasn't been the case of a raiding buccaneer headed into a baby-mama hurricane.
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Birthday Celebrities
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Age: 54
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