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Bobby Brown
Bobby Brown - Musician Call him triple B if you must, but most folks know Robert Braisford Brown by his stage name Bobby Brown and some of the trials that he and the late Whitney Houston got into during their tumultuous marriage. The actor, singer and sometime dancer drew his initial notoriety as the front man for New Edition. In the early 80s, the band proved popular for a while and had modest success but Brown started to rattle his saber as he believed the all of the band members were being short changed by managed. That got him booted and started on a solo career....
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David Beckham
David Beckham - Athlete Go ahead and ignore him as an international stud. Be warned though, if you want to get in an argument with a woman tell them that David Beckham, the football star from London, doesn't appeal to the female masses. His marketing appeal – despite his long toothed age near 40 – hasn't diminished one iota. In 2012, Becks added to the allure by posing for H&M in as little attire as possible. He also added to his healthy net worth of $$$. ...
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George W Bush
George W Bush - Politics POTUS 43 or more politely, the 43rd President of the United States and former governor of Texas, George W. Bush has amassed a net worth of $$$. He is the son of President George H.W. Bush and Barbara Bush. ...
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Pablo Escobar
Pablo Escobar - Criminal With a negotiating motto like “either silver or lead” Pablo Escobar had a special way of convincing his business partners that he dealt in and believed in metal beside just beautiful, exotic flowers from South America. As one of mankind's most recognized distributors of cocaine, Escobar grew his organization modeled from the historic Robin Hood. ...
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Mike Wallace
Mike Wallace - Host Mike Wallace was the type of guy you didn't want to meet if you were involved in any kind of duplicitous business or criminal activity. He had a way of sniffing around until he found an edge that could put people behind bars. As a featured investigative reporter for the storied 60 Minutes news magazine, Wallace dug into the lives of the notorious, criminal and championed personalities of his era. He recorded nearly forty years as one of CBS's most respected journalists and won as many as 20 Emmys along the way. ...
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Gisele Bundchen
Gisele Bundchen - Model Some people just don't see what the bid deal is with Gisele Bündchen. Just because the Brazilian model has legs up to her neck and wears lingerie as if it weren't there (daily), there are those who pooh pooh her anointment as a supermodel. Those same people have not been thoroughly evaluated for psychological problems either because Gisele must have traded her soul in for those fine, um, looks. Her modeling career, endorsements and brand have jettisoned her net worth to $$$. ...
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Birthday Celebrities
Sergey Brin turns 46 today
Brody Jenner turns 36 today

Celebrity Astrology: Leo
Robert Deniro
Age: 76
Matt Damon
Age: 49
Sergey Brin
Age: 46
Mario Balotelli
Age: 29
Danielle Steel
Age: 72
Barack Obama
Age: 58
June Shannon
Age: 40
Mark Cuban
Age: 61
Alex Rodriguez
Age: 44
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Age: 72
Deion Sanders
Age: 52
Brody Jenner
Age: 36
Madonna Ciccone
Age: 61
Cain Velasquez
Age: 37
Dana White
Age: 50
John Stamos
Age: 56
Jennifer Lopez
Age: 50
Hulk Hogan
Age: 66
Kevin Mitnick
Age: 56
Hugo Chavez
Age: 65
Fidel Castro
Age: 93
Bill Clinton
Age: 73
Todd Helton
Age: 46
Tom Brady
Age: 42
Christopher Nolan
Age: 49
James Cameron
Age: 65
Sandra Bullock
Age: 55
Jennifer Lawrence
Age: 29
Roger Federer
Age: 38
Mick Jagger
Age: 76
Tim Tebow
Age: 32
Steve Carell
Age: 57
Audrey Bitoni
Age: 33
Magic Johnson
Age: 60
Ron Paul
Age: 84
Barry Bonds
Age: 55
Tera Patrick
Age: 43
Fernando Alonso
Age: 38
Jon Gruden
Age: 56
David Duchovny
Age: 59
Mila Kunis
Age: 36
Demi Lovato
Age: 27
Robert Redford
Age: 83
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