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Katherine Heigl
Katherine Heigl - Actor Most folks recognize Katherine Heigl as Issie Stevens, the blond bombshell doctor on the the hit television series Grey's Anatomy. But Heigl has been twisting photo lens ever since she was nine years old. In addition, she already had an extensive film career underway before she got cast as one of Seattle's finest surgeons.
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Zoe Saldana
Zoe Saldana - Actor Zoe Saldana is mainly known as an actress and a terrific dancer. She became famous for her roles in the films “Center Stage” and “Crossroads” and obtained some recognizable roads in “Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl”, “Star Trek” and “Avatar”.
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Lisa Vanderpump
Lisa Vanderpump - Business British Lisa Jane Vanderpump makes a living as a restaurateur, philanthropist, author, actress and television personality. Lisa became famous after her appearance in the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and also appeared in Dancing with the Stars. Vanderpump was originally born in England, but moved all over the world during her life. Lisa Vanderpump has lived in Monaco, England, France and California.
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Ray J
Ray J - Musician William Raymond Norwood Jr. has the an advantage with the lineage stock of talent that his family possesses. The musician, producer and actor is a first cousin of Snoop Dogg and the younger brother of Brandy, who most have been introduced to as Moesha. His stage name of Ray J. has carried his message through several recording projects and his entry into the television and film business.
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Roger Goodell
Roger Goodell - Football Roger Goodell makes a living as a commissioner for the NFL (National Football League). Goodell succeeded Paul Tagliabue in 2006 and began his tenure on September 1, 2006. Many people perceive Goodell as the most powerful man in the sports industry.
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Hugo Chavez
Hugo Chavez - Politics The President of Venezuela has been running things in the South American country for 24 years – that's like six times what a president in the U.S. could do. He has served through U.S. Presidents Clinton, Bush and Obama. Hugo Chávez' time as its leader may only be limited by an ongoing medical condition that he is under treatment for now in Cuba. But during his 24-year run, his net worth has been measured at $$$.
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Birthday Celebrities
Cesar Millan turns 47 today

Celebrity Astrology: Virgo
Alana Thompson
Age: 11
Jean Claude  Van Damme
Age: 56
Lance Armstrong
Age: 45
Warren Buffett
Age: 86
Columbus Short
Age: 34
Lisa Vanderpump
Age: 56
Beyonce Knowles
Age: 35
Kobe Bryant
Age: 38
Charlie Sheen
Age: 41
Leann Rimes
Age: 34
Flo Rida 
Age: 37
Elisabetta Canalis
Age: 38
Jimmie Johnson
Age: 41
Carlo Gambino
Age: 114
Adam Sandler
Age: 50
Jerry Bruckheimer
Age: 71
Jose Aldo
Age: 30
Keanu Reeves
Age: 52
Dave Ramsey
Age: 56
Shaun White
Age: 30
Bruce Springsteen
Age: 67
Gene Simmons
Age: 67
Dr Phil McGraw
Age: 66
Marc Anthony
Age: 48
Mark Harmon
Age: 65
Tyler Perry
Age: 37
Stephen King
Age: 69
Cameron Diaz
Age: 44
Carlos Rivas
Age: 67
Andrew Luck
Age: 27
Jason Bay
Age: 38
Matt Kemp
Age: 32
Jennifer Hudson
Age: 35
James Gandolfini
Age: 55
Cesar Millan
Age: 47
Wiz Khalifa
Age: 29
Age: 20
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