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The Game 
The Game - Rap Born and raised in South Central Los Angeles, Jayceon Terrell Taylor can't seem to get the luggage of gangs out of his system. Commercially known as Game, formerly The Game, Taylor moves amongst the luminaries of rap from one feud to the other. He has been credited with powerful lyrics that have brought West Coast Rappers some dignity, but the proverbial carcases that line his path include, partners, business associates, friends and certainly enemies.
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Angelina Jolie
Angelina Jolie - Actor Angelina Jolie represents the epitome of what most women hate. She has the looks, the allure and the smirk of what every man wants. Men are forced to lie to their lovers and wives when asked, “Do you think Angelina is that sexy?” As the daughter of Hollywood insider and actor John Voigt, Jolie was no stranger to the ways of starlets – their rises and falls from the vaunted limelight.
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Lionel Richie
Lionel Richie - Musician Lionel Richie is mainly known as an American singer, but he is also a record producer and actor. He first became famous as a member of the Commodores in 1968 and later as a solo artist when he released his first solo album in 1982. Lionel Richie has sold more than 100 million records all over the world and this made him one of the best-selling artists of all time.
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Paula Abdul
Paula Abdul - Musician Singer and mostly dancer Paula Abdul has gone from being the featured act to judging the acts of others as her stints on the mega-hit reality show American Idol and The X Factor solidified her celebrity status and net worth of $$$.
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Laura Ingraham
Laura Ingraham - Host For more than a decade, Laura Ingraham has grown her conservative ideology enough to yank on America's ear - and people are paying attention. The conservative radio talk show host has amassed an attentive audience across America to become one of the most respected conservative voices. Her syndicated show, The Laura Ingraham Show, was launched in 2001 and the law school graduate clearly points out her bones of contention with the liberal or Democratic political landscape.
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Josh Beckett
Josh Beckett - Athlete These days, a baseball signed by the Boston Red Sox Josh Beckett can cost upwards of $50 to $75. The true value of Beckett's rocket arm throwing those balls has swelled his net worth to $$$.
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