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Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer Aniston - Actor As the prim and proper young New Yorker on the go, America fell in love with Rachel Green on the television hit series Friends. Jennifer Aniston, who portrayed that wholesome character, can count her blessings for that series because it launched an incredibly strong television career that should withstand some of the poor movies that Aniston has been involved with since. She comfortably sits on a net worth of $$$, but her foray onto the silver screen has not translated so well as an actress.
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Pablo Escobar
Pablo Escobar - Criminal With a negotiating motto like “either silver or lead” Pablo Escobar had a special way of convincing his business partners that he dealt in and believed in metal beside just beautiful, exotic flowers from South America. As one of mankind's most recognized distributors of cocaine, Escobar grew his organization modeled from the historic Robin Hood.
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Louis Farrakhan
Louis Farrakhan - Politics Louis Farrakhan is one of those guys who would never ever get a nickname. There's no calling the recognized leader of the African-American Nation of Islam in the U.S. by something other than his proper name. He won't respond to Lou, Lewey or Lou baby. Now, he has been called a few other names during his 35-year plus position guiding his flock. Names like 'racist', the Black Hitler or Malcolm X's killer have all been hurled his way.
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Glenn Beck
Glenn Beck - Personality Glenn Beck has the ideology of, well, an ideologue. Be sure to classify him as a conservative with libertarian leanings. He surely isn't timid about telling anyone what he believes. That mindset, over the course of his 48 years, has made him a very popular, celebrity on the radio, on broadcast television and in the blogisphere. His popularity and his rye wit reflects in the growing size of his net worth of $$$.
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Joe Mauer
Joe Mauer - Athlete Joe Mauer can only be described as a pure athlete. Now as the catcher for the Minnesota Twins, his bat does all the talking as his accomplishments have ballooned his net worth up to $$$.
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Al Capone
Al Capone - Criminal Even though he died at the age of 48, Alphonso Capone, or Al, has a legacy that continues to rock both law enforcement and the criminal worlds. As a pugnacious felon hellbent on making a name for himself, the Brooklyn high school drop out moved to Chicago in the early 20s in the heyday of prohibition to make his money at bootleg liquor and the coquettish ways of the ladies of the night. He made bank while he was running things, but he died with a net worth of $$$.
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Age: 26
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Age: 76
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Age: 38
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Age: 74
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Age: 47
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Age: 24
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Age: 38
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Paris Hilton
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Mariska Hargitay
Age: 52
Larry The Cable Guy 
Age: 53
Michael Jordan
Age: 53
Rick Warren
Age: 62
Aubrey O`Day
Age: 32
Arsenio Hall
Age: 60
Bobby Brown
Age: 47
Kris Humphries
Age: 31
Zsa Zsa Gabor
Age: 99
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