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Reggie Bush
Reggie Bush - Athlete Reggie Bush runs his life like he runs the football. With his speed, tenacity, quick moves and scores, he successfully made his way through high school, college and now enjoys the fruits of the professional ranks as a running back for the Miami Dolphins. As he has been a triple threat catching, running and playing decoy for his teams, his bank accounts have gained some yardage – now with a net worth of $$$.
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Bernie Madoff
Bernie Madoff - Investor Once upon a time, Bernie Madoff had it going on. The “going on part” caused some problems though. Those problems have reduced his net_worth to $$$.
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LeBron James
LeBron James - Athlete He used to be The King of his court while with the NBA Cleveland Cavaliers, with full autonomy. But these days, he’s in more of a Democracy as part of the Miami Heat basketball team, sharing the spotlight with two other stars. But what others would describe as a demotion, LeBron James has magnified his status in the league and grown his net worth to $$$.
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Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan - Athlete We might as well get it out of the way and just change Michael Jordan's name to Mr. Basketball. Throughout his entire life, Jordan has worked his magic on the basketball court and he hasn't let age get in the way. Now that his net worth is $$$, the majority owner of the National Basketball League's Charlotte Bobcats continues to push the edge to be perfect in everything he tries.
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David Duchovny
David Duchovny - Actor If you watched David Duchovny's screen work and that dry sarcastic wit, you would never imagine that his dissertation at Yale was supposed to be 'Magic and Technology in Contemporary Poetry and Prose.' Ultimately, he left the confines of the Connecticut Ivy school halls to pay his full attention to his acting dreams. He finish his undergraduate work as an award-poet at Princeton and managed only a Masters Degree in English Literature from Yale. Ha!
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Amado Fuentes
Amado Fuentes - Criminal Amado Carrillo Fuentes was the founding member of the Juárez Cartel and in 1986 he took to the skies to grow his organization's wealth and power. Instead of buying small Cherokee Cubs to move a few kilos of cocaine across the U.S. Border, Fuentes employed a technique that earned him the nickname “Lord of the Skies.” Carrillo purchased a fleet of Boeing 727s and transported metric tons of the white stuff, saturating the U.S. with his cocaine and inflating the Juárez Cartel's war chest beyond measure.
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Birthday Celebrities
Joe Biden turns 77 today
Carly Rae Jepsen turns 34 today

Celebrity Astrology: Scorpio
Ivanka Trump
Age: 38
Calvin Klein
Age: 77
Maria Takagi
Age: 41
Steven Van Zandt
Age: 69
Leonardo DiCaprio
Age: 45
Bill Gates
Age: 64
Katy Perry
Age: 35
Demi Moore
Age: 57
Scarlett Johansson
Age: 35
Michael Strahan
Age: 48
Laurene Powell Jobs
Age: 56
Sean Combs
Age: 50
Matt Drudge
Age: 53
John Gotti
Age: 79
Shah Rukh Khan
Age: 54
Bethenny Frankel
Age: 49
Tila Tequila
Age: 39
Gordon Ramsey
Age: 53
Ken Block
Age: 52
Julia Roberts
Age: 52
Hugh Laurie
Age: 60
Travis Barker
Age: 44
Joseph Kennedy
Age: 50
Joe Biden
Age: 77
Ryan Howard
Age: 40
Bubba Watson
Age: 41
Lamar Odom
Age: 40
Age: 54
Carly Rae Jepsen
Age: 34
Age: 33
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