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Sandra Bullock
Sandra Bullock - Actor The kids who use to make fun of Sandra Bullock's clothes in high school have to be kicking themselves in the behind now. They had a chance to buddy up to one of the world's most accomplished actresses of our time. And, she's kinda cute. Her attire back in the early 80s was a byproduct of her mother's German ancestry, but nowadays, Sandra could buy anything her heart desires – and does – because the American movie actress and production studio head has a net worth of $$$.
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Mark Harmon
Mark Harmon - Actor Mark Harmon exudes the pedigree of an athlete as the stoic boss of the television hit series NCIS. Harmon initially took his athletic prowess on the football field during his college days, but his success as a television and film star propelled his career toward Hollywood and not Canton.
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Milla Jovovich
Milla Jovovich - Actor Milla Jovovich makes a good living as an American actress, but also makes money as a musician, model and fashion designer.
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Cameron Diaz
Cameron Diaz - Actor The effect Cameron Diaz has on her fans can only be described as mesmerizing. The tall blond, blue-eyed movie actress has twice been featured in a professional musician's lyrics. Robbie Williams sang about Diaz in “I Will Talk and Hollywood Will Listen” while Brian Wilson crooned about her in his 1998 song “South America.” The rest of the fans has just been hypnotized by those long legs and cavalier attitude.
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Rihanna - Musician There's no doubt that Rihanna has something going on. Her voice is like velvet and her looks can make you melt. That may have a lot to do with her current net worth of $$$. But all that beauty seems to come with a heavy price tag.
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T Pain 
T Pain - Musician With four cutting edge albums and two Grammy awards, the artist know as T-Pain seems to have found his niche in a market of rappers, hip hoppers and rhythm and blues musicians. The Tallahassee, Florida born Faheem Rasheed Najm has transferred his unique “Auto-Tone” style into a a crowd pleasing set of songs that has buttressed his net worth to $$$.
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Birthday Celebrities
Ray Rice turns 31 today
Guy Fieri turns 50 today

Celebrity Astrology: Aquarius
Matt Groening
Age: 64
Roger  Goodell
Age: 59
Sara Gilbert
Age: 43
Tom Selleck
Age: 70
Shakira Ripoll
Age: 41
Rick Ross
Age: 42
Dr. Dre Young
Age: 53
Duane Chapman
Age: 65
Ray Rice
Age: 31
Cristiano Ronaldo
Age: 33
Dick Cheney
Age: 77
Alicia Keys
Age: 37
Jillian Michaels
Age: 44
Mena Suvari
Age: 39
Robert Griffin III
Age: 28
John Travolta
Age: 64
Carlos Slim
Age: 78
Ashton Kutcher
Age: 40
Michael Bloomberg
Age: 76
Jennifer Aniston
Age: 49
Neymar Junior
Age: 26
Amal Alamuddin
Age: 40
Age: 49
Guy Fieri
Age: 50
Kelly Slater
Age: 46
Oprah Winfrey
Age: 59
Jim Cramer
Age: 63
Ice T 
Age: 50
Ellen DeGeneres
Age: 60
Christie Brinkley
Age: 64
Axl Rose
Age: 56
Vince Neil
Age: 57
Peter Gabriel
Age: 68
Griselda Blanco
Age: 75
Glenn Beck
Age: 44
Justin Timberlake
Age: 37
Hilary Scott
Age: 35
Paris Hilton
Age: 37
Mariska Hargitay
Age: 54
Larry The Cable Guy 
Age: 55
Michael Jordan
Age: 55
Rick Warren
Age: 64
Aubrey O`Day
Age: 34
Arsenio Hall
Age: 62
Bobby Brown
Age: 49
Kris Humphries
Age: 33
Zsa Zsa Gabor
Age: 101
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