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Recently Updated Celebrities
Miley Cyrus
Miley Cyrus - Actor Miley Cyrus has blossomed into a full fledged Hollywood starlet, shedding the Miss Goodie Two Shoes persona that Disney's Hannah Montana cultivated. As the star of the Montana television series, Cyrus became an overnight sensation in 2006. Luckily, the youngster had the guiding hand of her father, country singer Billy Ray Cyrus, to help as her popularity skyrocketed. Billy Ray went through a similar 'obscurity-to-stardom' transition with his 1992 song Achy Creaky Heart.
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Hulk Hogan
Hulk Hogan - Athlete With the unmistakable mustache and the huge physical frame, Terry Gene Bollea – better known as Hulk Hogan – has earned his keep as a professional wrestler, actor and television personality since the late 1980s. While earning that keep, he has grown his net worth to $$$. Throughout his career, he has maintained the bombastic energy and platinum locks that made him a fan favorite no matter what arena he jumped in.
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Jason Bay
Jason Bay - Athlete The Canadian born baseball player Jason Bay was drafted by the Montreal Expos baseball team in 2000, and through a series of trades he signed in 2005 with the Pittsburgh Pirates for $18.5 million. In 2009, Bay signed with the New York Mets for $66 million for four years. That last little deal settles his net worth as $$$.
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Michael Douglas
Michael Douglas - Actor Michael Douglas has accomplished the height of his profession, but one of his greatest feats was marrying her hotness Catherine Zeta Jones. Their romance began on the set of a controversial movie called Traffic that gained both critical and commercial success. Of all the statuettes Douglas possesses, Catherine stands above them all.
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Derek Jeter
Derek Jeter - Athlete There are many candidates for “Mr. New York” and Derek Jeter has to be considered whenever that conversation comes to pass. As the veteran shortstop for the New York Yankees, the single, studly Jeter has amassed a net worth of $$$.
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Jesse James
Jesse James - Business It you need a lesson on how to create, operate and succeed on a reality show, you only need to look as far as Jesse James. The tatted-up reality show personality has a three pack of successful shows on a variety of networks that keep his image and legacy close to the outlaw namesake. James has run the show Jesse James is a Dead Man that plays on Spike TV. He has hosted Monster Garage on the Discovery Channel. And he has a new series called Jesse James Outlaw Garage on the Discovery network.
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Birthday Celebrities
Adele Adkins turns 28 today
Chris Brown turns 27 today

Celebrity Astrology: Taurus
Mark Zuckerburg
Age: 32
Jerry Seinfeld
Age: 62
Dennis Rodman
Age: 55
Cory Monteith
Age: 34
Willie Nelson
Age: 83
Age: 56
Age: 34
Barry Zito
Age: 38
Megan Fox
Age: 30
Adele Adkins
Age: 28
Jill Duggar
Age: 25
Chris Brown
Age: 27
Jet Li
Age: 53
David Beckham
Age: 41
Bernie Madoff
Age: 78
Dwayne Johnson
Age: 44
Roy Halladay
Age: 39
Carlos Beltran
Age: 39
George Lucas
Age: 72
Robert Pattinson
Age: 30
Stephen Colbert
Age: 52
Tony Hawk
Age: 48
Jack Nicholson
Age: 79
George Clooney
Age: 55
Tina Fey
Age: 46
Tim McGraw
Age: 49
Kelly Clarkson
Age: 34
William Hearst
Age: 153
Tony Stewart
Age: 45
Jay Leno
Age: 66
Josh Beckett
Age: 36
Ray Lewis
Age: 41
Louis Farrakhan
Age: 83
Mike Wallace
Age: 98
Theresa Giudice
Age: 44
Kandi Burruss
Age: 40
Georges St. Pierre
Age: 35
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