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Jesse Jane
Jesse Jane - Porn With platinum blond hair, a 6-foot-3 inch frame, long eye-lashes and two big, er, enticing eyes, Jesse Jane extols the virtues that porn industry aficionados appreciate. Jane has turned her high school cheerleading talents into a variety talk show that delves into adult discussions. As a host of a cable show called DP Tonight, Jame and her co-hosts discuss adult industry gossip, audience interaction and the latest and greatest stars of the adult world. She has starred in several very commercially successful adult flicks.
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Fernando Alonso
Fernando Alonso - Athlete Fernando Alonso is clearly frustrated for his team owner Ferrari. The strikingly handsome Spaniard couldn't have a better car to steer the world renown courses as the No. 1 driver for his F-1 team. As the 2012 Gran Prix season just got underway in Melbourne, Australia, Alonso could not finish better than fifth. He was furious with that tepid result. Luckily, he can go back to his trailer on a daily basis as the engineers attempt to tweak his missile and re-organize that net worth of $$$.
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Bear Grylls
Bear Grylls - Personality You could drop him out of a helicopter with nothing more than the clothes on his back in the most austere conditions and Bear Grylls would make it out alive. It could be in the densest jungle in Malaysia or an arid scape in the Sahara, but Grylls' survival skills rival those of a meandering beast. As the host of a long-running reality show featuring his adventures, Grylls uses his military training, his daring and his preparedness to tackle each and every foreboding landscape this world can throw at him.
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Kandi Burruss
Kandi Burruss - Personality Even though Kandi Burruss appears in a reality show about housewives in Atlanta nowadays, her talent as successful songwriter has always led her way. As the impetus behind the 1990s R&B band Xscape, Burruss keeps writing songs that tickle the fancy of the masses. Her authorship has gained a Grammy for her songwriting in 2000 that the group TLC sang called No Scrubs.
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Cameron Diaz
Cameron Diaz - Actor The effect Cameron Diaz has on her fans can only be described as mesmerizing. The tall blond, blue-eyed movie actress has twice been featured in a professional musician's lyrics. Robbie Williams sang about Diaz in “I Will Talk and Hollywood Will Listen” while Brian Wilson crooned about her in his 1998 song “South America.” The rest of the fans has just been hypnotized by those long legs and cavalier attitude.
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Mariska Hargitay
Mariska Hargitay - Actor Just looking at Mariska Hargitay makes a man's neck stiffen and a woman's eyes squint. The man has to avoid starring and a women would be watching for the attendant reaction that follows this Hollywood byproduct as she struts her stuff. Hargitay is the daughter of one Jane Mansfield and Mickey Hargitay, a man who knew a thing or two about fast things.
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Birthday Celebrities
Cee  Lo turns 42 today

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Age: 24
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Age: 34
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Age: 70
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Age: 45
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Age: 53
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Age: 83
Cooper Anderson
Age: 49
Greta Van Susteren
Age: 62
Carlos Zambrano
Age: 35
Zoe Saldana
Age: 38
Angelina Jolie
Age: 41
Lionel Richie
Age: 67
Phil Mickelson
Age: 46
Cee  Lo
Age: 42
Paul McCartney
Age: 74
Clark Howard
Age: 61
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Age: 30
Kanye West
Age: 39
Allen Iverson
Age: 41
Clint Eastwood
Age: 86
Bear Grylls
Age: 42
Courteney Cox
Age: 52
Mark Wahlberg
Age: 45
Heidi Klum
Age: 43
Venus Williams
Age: 36
Daniel Tosh
Age: 41
Carlos Lee
Age: 40
Joshua Lucas
Age: 45
Paula Abdul
Age: 54
Laura Ingraham
Age: 52
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