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Jon Gruden
Jon Gruden - Football If looks could kill, Jon Gruden, the former head football coach for the Oakland Raiders and then the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, would have a master's degree in this subject matter. His famous sneer earned him the nickname of Chucky - from the movie series about a killer doll. Of course, that nickname was always thrown about out of his ear shot. Gruden just could not keep his displeasure secret with a player's incompetence or mistakes. If he was coaching you and you did something wrong, he didn't have to waste a whole lot of time letting you know wh...
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Warren Buffett
Warren Buffett - Investor Warren Edward Buffett knows a thing or two about investing. Just look as his accumulated net worth of $$$. For more than seventy years, Buffett has been employing a methodology of investing that has led him to the peak as the foremost oracle when it comes to making a market. As a matter of fact, one of his nicknames is the Oracle of Omaha. Sometimes, they call him the Wizard or the Sage. All the monikers seem to fit. ...
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William Hearst
William Hearst - Business Mark Twain and Jack London use to call him boss. At the turn of the 20th Century, William Randolf Hearst was set on making his mark through print journalism and the advent of mass production. Hearst took advantage of his privileged upbring and took the reigns of the San Francisco Chronicle to a place where he owned, operated and managed more that 30 large daily newspapers in large cities around the United States at great expense. ...
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Matt Damon
Matt Damon - Actor Three times Matt Damon appeared as the amnesic assassin during the Bourne trilogy. Three times Damon also appeared as the goofy larcenist during the recent Ocean's trilogy. But, Damon contends that his most prized role was in the film that he and his best friend Ben Affleck co-wrote together Good Will Hunting. That foray into the Hollywood life earned the pair an Oscar for The Best Original Screenplay from the Academy and another statute from the folks at the Golden Globes. The film itself garnered nine nominations for Oscars. ...
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Houston - Porn Sometimes World Records are meant NOT to be broken. Take the one that stood at 520 something for continuous sex partners at one sitting (so to say). But don't tell that to pornographic actress Kimberly Halsey. Known in the adult world as Houston, you will never confuse her for the late R&B songstress Whitney. Houston now holds the new world record for the having sex with men continuously. That austere record of 620 has padded her net worth to its current $$$. ...
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Ronaldinho - Athlete Known as one of the best soccer players in the world Ronaldinho, the Brazilian maestro, continues to confound his opponents on the pitch. His darting, attacking style as a midfielder and striker have pushed the Flamengo star's net worth to $$$. He has been recognized by his peers by winning the FIFA World Player of the Year twice. His future though like all aging athletes has slowed down a bit. ...
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Birthday Celebrities
Ellen DeGeneres turns 63 today

Celebrity Astrology: Aquarius
Matt Groening
Age: 67
Roger  Goodell
Age: 62
Sara Gilbert
Age: 46
Tom Selleck
Age: 73
Shakira Ripoll
Age: 44
Rick Ross
Age: 45
Dr. Dre Young
Age: 56
Duane Chapman
Age: 68
Ray Rice
Age: 34
Cristiano Ronaldo
Age: 36
Dick Cheney
Age: 80
Alicia Keys
Age: 40
Jillian Michaels
Age: 47
Mena Suvari
Age: 42
Robert Griffin III
Age: 31
John Travolta
Age: 67
Carlos Slim
Age: 81
Ashton Kutcher
Age: 43
Michael Bloomberg
Age: 79
Jennifer Aniston
Age: 52
Neymar Junior
Age: 29
Amal Alamuddin
Age: 43
Age: 52
Guy Fieri
Age: 53
Kelly Slater
Age: 49
Oprah Winfrey
Age: 62
Jim Cramer
Age: 66
Ice T 
Age: 53
Ellen DeGeneres
Age: 63
Christie Brinkley
Age: 67
Axl Rose
Age: 59
Vince Neil
Age: 60
Peter Gabriel
Age: 71
Griselda Blanco
Age: 78
Glenn Beck
Age: 47
Justin Timberlake
Age: 40
Hilary Scott
Age: 38
Paris Hilton
Age: 40
Mariska Hargitay
Age: 57
Larry The Cable Guy 
Age: 58
Michael Jordan
Age: 58
Rick Warren
Age: 67
Aubrey O`Day
Age: 37
Arsenio Hall
Age: 65
Bobby Brown
Age: 52
Kris Humphries
Age: 36
Zsa Zsa Gabor
Age: 104
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