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Best Ways To Get Rich, Go Broke Editor breaks down three things that bring mega wealth, and three that send you into the gilded poor house.

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Ken Block
Ken Block - Business If someone has a plan to strike it rich, Ken Block may not be the best example. Although the multi-millionaire can claim riches beyond compare, he did it first through hard work, collaboration with buddies, manufacture of a popular culture item and then some natural athletic talent. The former outright co-owner of DC shoes and extreme sports wear now has a healthy net worth of $$$.
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Mark Harmon
Mark Harmon - Actor Mark Harmon exudes the pedigree of an athlete as the stoic boss of the television hit series NCIS. Harmon initially took his athletic prowess on the football field during his college days, but his success as a television and film star propelled his career toward Hollywood and not Canton.
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Zsa Zsa Gabor
Zsa Zsa Gabor - Actor Zsa Zsa Gabor spent most of her life relying on her looks, her wit and her ability to climb socially. The Hungarian beauty queen managed to light up the social calendar during the 1950s as a dazzling blond, sophisticated with a European flair that drove men crazy. She married nine of them.
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Jon Gruden
Jon Gruden - Football If looks could kill, Jon Gruden, the former head football coach for the Oakland Raiders and then the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, would have a master's degree in this subject matter. His famous sneer earned him the nickname of Chucky - from the movie series about a killer doll. Of course, that nickname was always thrown about out of his ear shot. Gruden just could not keep his displeasure secret with a player's incompetence or mistakes. If he was coaching you and you did something wrong, he didn't have to waste a whole lot of time letting you know wh...
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Joseph Kennedy
Joseph Kennedy - Business There are few men who can claim that their family amounted to royalty in the U.S., but Joseph Kennedy can. Joseph Kennedy Sr. fathered three United States senators, one of which when on to become the President. His lineage also includes a bevy of grandchildren and great grandchildren that have gone on to public service in politics or other professions. The Kennedy political influence during the middle of the 20th century continues to this day. ...
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Fernando Alonso
Fernando Alonso - Athlete Fernando Alonso is clearly frustrated for his team owner Ferrari. The strikingly handsome Spaniard couldn't have a better car to steer the world renown courses as the No. 1 driver for his F-1 team. As the 2012 Gran Prix season just got underway in Melbourne, Australia, Alonso could not finish better than fifth. He was furious with that tepid result. Luckily, he can go back to his trailer on a daily basis as the engineers attempt to tweak his missile and re-organize that net worth of $$$. ...
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Birthday Celebrities
Vin Diesel turns 51 today
Torii Hunter turns 43 today

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Jesse Ventura
Age: 67
CC Sabathia
Age: 38
Age: 43
Lindsay Lohan
Age: 32
Sylvester Stallone
Age: 72
Sebastian Vettel
Age: 31
Derek Jeter
Age: 44
Tom Cruise
Age: 56
Richie Sambora
Age: 59
Vin Diesel
Age: 51
Pauly D 
Age: 38
Liv Tyler
Age: 41
Sebastian Vettel
Age: 31
Courtney Love
Age: 54
50 Cent 
Age: 43
Mike Tyson
Age: 52
Ryan Tedder
Age: 39
Corey Feldman
Age: 47
David Hasselhoff
Age: 66
Jesse Jane
Age: 38
Lionel Messi
Age: 31
Toby Keith
Age: 57
Gisele Bundchen
Age: 38
Sofia Vergara
Age: 46
Pamela Anderson
Age: 51
Will Ferrell
Age: 51
Rob Dyrdek
Age: 44
Elon Musk
Age: 47
Mark Burnett
Age: 58
Tom Hanks
Age: 62
Selena Gomez
Age: 26
George W Bush
Age: 72
OJ Simpson
Age: 71
Torii Hunter
Age: 43
Julian Assange
Age: 47
John Rockefeller
Age: 179
JJ Abrams
Age: 52
Edie Falco
Age: 55
Meryl Streep
Age: 69
Kevin Bacon
Age: 60
Brock Lesnar
Age: 41
Jon Jones
Age: 31
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