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Ray Rice
Ray Rice - Athlete Ray Rice, also known as Raymell Mourice Rice, makes a living as a professional American football player. Although he is a very talented running back, he is currently a free agent because nobody wants to be associated with him at the moment. The reason why no team wants to hire Rice has everything to do with the fact that Rice was sentenced for aggravated assault on March 27, 2014.
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Steve Carell
Steve Carell - Actor If at first you don't succeed, try - try again. So was the mantra that Steve Carell relied on before his ticket got punched on the hit sitcom series 'The Office.' Carell had earlier appeared on three failed sitcoms before The Office. But now that The Office has juiced his career, along with a string of successful movie gigs, Steve Carell doesn't have to worry anymore whether he can afford to put his two kids through college. He has a net worth of $$$.
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Sean Hannity
Sean Hannity - Host Espousing his ideology since his college days seems to have paid off for Sean Hannity. His days as a student broadcaster on the University of California Santa Barbara radio waves made some other waves but it did secure his place as one of colleges most talked about radio hosts. Even though the ACLU had to cover his back to win his job back, Hannity decided to move on and take advantage of the notoriety and the attendant offers forthcoming. Credit to the ACLU from Hannity has yet to be disclosed.
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Michaele Salahi
Michaele Salahi - Personality Michaele Salahi is an acclaimed American model and socialite. She featured in the reality TV-show “The Real Housewives of D.C.” and gained international fame by crashing a White House state dinner.
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David Duchovny
David Duchovny - Actor If you watched David Duchovny's screen work and that dry sarcastic wit, you would never imagine that his dissertation at Yale was supposed to be 'Magic and Technology in Contemporary Poetry and Prose.' Ultimately, he left the confines of the Connecticut Ivy school halls to pay his full attention to his acting dreams. He finish his undergraduate work as an award-poet at Princeton and managed only a Masters Degree in English Literature from Yale. Ha!
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Clark Howard
Clark Howard - Business We are living in the information age of overload and talk radio has become a force to be reckoned with, rivaling mainstream television broadcasts and Clark Howard is one of those ‘reckoned’ providers as the host of a popular platform. Along with his mass appeal comes big bucks and The Clark Howard syndicated radio Show has pushed the host’s net worth to$$$and into ‘mega-million land.’
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Birthday Celebrities
Dolly Parton turns 71 today
Thomas Kinkade turns 59 today

Celebrity Astrology: Capricorn
Ryan Seacrest
Age: 43
Eddie Vedder
Age: 53
Jimmy Buffett
Age: 71
LeBron James
Age: 33
Denzell Washington
Age: 63
Lars Ulrich
Age: 54
Tiger Woods
Age: 42
Karl Rove
Age: 67
Chyna Laurer
Age: 47
Stephanie Meyer
Age: 44
Sean Hannity
Age: 56
Ross Lynch
Age: 22
Eli Manning
Age: 36
Michael Schumacher
Age: 48
Meyer Lansky
Age: 117
Howard Stern
Age: 63
Al Capone
Age: 118
Dolly Parton
Age: 71
Natalie Portman
Age: 117
Age: 117
Kim Dotcom
Age: 117
Nicole Murphy
Age: 49
Orlando Bloom
Age: 40
Michelle Obama
Age: 53
Vernon Wells
Age: 117
Alfonso Soriano
Age: 41
Nicholas Cage
Age: 53
Bruce Jenner
Age: 68
Charice Pempengco
Age: 117
Rick Harrison
Age: 52
AJ Burnett
Age: 40
Bill Maher
Age: 61
Ozzie Guillen
Age: 53
Age: 117
Chad Ochocinco
Age: 39
Dwyane Wade
Age: 35
Al Pacino
Age: 117
Dave Grohl
Age: 48
Kate Moss
Age: 43
Rush Limbaugh
Age: 66
Ernie Els
Age: 117
Lewis Hamilton
Age: 32
Santa Claus
Age: 217
Muhammad Ali
Age: 75
Maloof Brothers 
Age: 117
Thomas Kinkade
Age: 59
Rowan Atkinson
Age: 62
Lisa Lampanelli
Age: 117
Ray J
Age: 36
Dave Matthews
Age: 50
Mel Gibson
Age: 61
Patrick Dempsey
Age: 51
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