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Carrie Underwood
Carrie Underwood - Artist Carrie Underwood has done well as a singer, songwriter and actress. Her claim to fame came with winning the fourth edition of American Idol in 2005 and she has not done badly since. Underwood is currently one of the most prominent mainstream recording artists in the music industry and broke several records with her releases throughout her career.
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Marc Anthony
Marc Anthony - Musician All things considered, Marc Anthony has done pretty well for himself. While there may be some folks that believe his marriage, association and dealings with Jennifer Lopez propelled him to his current status, he has managed quite well on his own. On a multitude of platforms, Anthony has demonstrated that he in his own right deserves the attention, respect and accolades that continue to come his way.
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Usher Raymond
Usher Raymond - Musician Okay, Usher may have referred to Bob Dylan as 'Bill' in a nationally televised blunder, but the mega singing sensation really does know his stuff when it comes to music and making some money from it. As a singer, songwriter, actor and dancer, Usher Terry Raymond IV has racked up a ton of accolades, trophy rooms full of golden hardware and a sterling net worth of $$$.
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Rick Harrison
Rick Harrison - Personality He claims to be the direct descendant of a couple of former U.S. Presidents, but Rick Harrison, the television reality star of Pawn Stars, has made his own slice of history as the host of the History Channel's hit series Pawn Stars. In addition, the series has grown his net worth to $$$.
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Thomas Kinkade
Thomas Kinkade - Artist When people asked Thomas Kinkade to show them the light. He did. Kinkade was a master at putting to canvas what appeared to be luminescent. His painting glowed with the hue of star or a sunset or the window light of a cabin. His thousands and thousands of fans collectively believed that he could transport them through his artwork to a place of tranquility.
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Joseph Kennedy
Joseph Kennedy - Business There are few men who can claim that their family amounted to royalty in the U.S., but Joseph Kennedy can. Joseph Kennedy Sr. fathered three United States senators, one of which when on to become the President. His lineage also includes a bevy of grandchildren and great grandchildren that have gone on to public service in politics or other professions. The Kennedy political influence during the middle of the 20th century continues to this day.
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