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Recently Updated Celebrities
Neymar Junior
Neymar Junior - Soccer Neymar is a Brazilian footballer who plays for FC Barcelona. He is also the captain of the Brazilian National Team.
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Mary Murphy
Mary Murphy - Athlete Mary Ann Murphy is a ballroom dance champion, but did not became famous for her dancing skills. Even though her dancing expertise contributed to her fame, she is now mainly known for her role as judge and choreographer in the reality television show “So You Think You Can Dance”.
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Bubba Watson
Bubba Watson - Athlete The first thing anyone should do is think about anyone...anyone you know....personally.... that has the name Bubba. Now it should match up pretty well with the list of people you know personally that have won the Masters golf tournament in Augusta. Improbable, yes. Impossible, just happened.
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Kandi Burruss
Kandi Burruss - Personality Even though Kandi Burruss appears in a reality show about housewives in Atlanta nowadays, her talent as successful songwriter has always led her way. As the impetus behind the 1990s R&B band Xscape, Burruss keeps writing songs that tickle the fancy of the masses. Her authorship has gained a Grammy for her songwriting in 2000 that the group TLC sang called No Scrubs.
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Fernando Alonso
Fernando Alonso - Athlete Fernando Alonso is clearly frustrated for his team owner Ferrari. The strikingly handsome Spaniard couldn't have a better car to steer the world renown courses as the No. 1 driver for his F-1 team. As the 2012 Gran Prix season just got underway in Melbourne, Australia, Alonso could not finish better than fifth. He was furious with that tepid result. Luckily, he can go back to his trailer on a daily basis as the engineers attempt to tweak his missile and re-organize that net worth of $$$.
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Bono - Musician St. Patrick's Day has been kind to Bono and his world renown group Irish rock band U2. Between his humanitarian efforts and his musical prowess, Bono has amassed a fortune in fame, generous deeds and cash. His net worth as part of his money-making ways has reached $$$.
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Birthday Celebrities
Lisa Vanderpump turns 59 today

Celebrity Astrology: Virgo
Alana Thompson
Age: 14
Jean Claude  Van Damme
Age: 59
Lance Armstrong
Age: 48
Warren Buffett
Age: 89
Columbus Short
Age: 37
Lisa Vanderpump
Age: 59
Beyonce Knowles
Age: 38
Kobe Bryant
Age: 41
Charlie Sheen
Age: 44
Leann Rimes
Age: 37
Flo Rida 
Age: 40
Elisabetta Canalis
Age: 41
Jimmie Johnson
Age: 44
Carlo Gambino
Age: 117
Adam Sandler
Age: 53
Jerry Bruckheimer
Age: 74
Jose Aldo
Age: 33
Keanu Reeves
Age: 55
Dave Ramsey
Age: 59
Shaun White
Age: 33
Bruce Springsteen
Age: 70
Gene Simmons
Age: 70
Dr Phil McGraw
Age: 69
Marc Anthony
Age: 51
Mark Harmon
Age: 68
Tyler Perry
Age: 40
Stephen King
Age: 72
Cameron Diaz
Age: 47
Carlos Rivas
Age: 70
Andrew Luck
Age: 30
Jason Bay
Age: 41
Matt Kemp
Age: 35
Jennifer Hudson
Age: 38
James Gandolfini
Age: 58
Cesar Millan
Age: 50
Wiz Khalifa
Age: 32
Age: 23
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