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Best Ways To Get Rich, Go Broke Editor breaks down three things that bring mega wealth, and three that send you into the gilded poor house.

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Cee Lo
Cee Lo - Musician Sometimes, it's just easy to put it out there. To say what you mean and mean what you say. Credit Cee Lo Green to keep that mindset going as his direct messages with his songwriting and performing has lifted his net worth to $$$ over the course of his career.
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Warren Sapp
Warren Sapp - Athlete Warren Sapp was a Miami Hurricane. Then, he became a Tampa Bay Buccaneer. Somewhere along the line he played as an Oakland Raider and now he is trying out to be a United States Bankrupter. Changing teams, affiliations and contracts could not change the inevitable demise of his bank account as the announcer for NFL Networks realizes that his assets must exceed his debts and that hasn't been the case of a raiding buccaneer headed into a baby-mama hurricane.
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Edie Falco
Edie Falco - Actor Go ahead and call Edie Falco a clown. It will only harken her memory back to the time she had to work as a clown at parties to make ends meet. Granted that was eons ago and at the beginning of her career, but the self-described shy women knows what it takes to scrounge and make ends meet to pursue her heart's desire.
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Bruce Jenner
Bruce Jenner - Athlete Bruce Jenner is currently best known for his appearance in reality series Keeping Up With The Kardashians, but Jenner was a top athlete back in the day and set some amazing records.
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Jerry Bruckheimer
Jerry Bruckheimer - Producer It's amazing what the effect a father's influence can have on his son. Such was the case of Jerry Bruckheimer's childhood. His father's disdain for the salesman's job he held in Detroit, Michigan made Jerry understand as a child that he didn't want to do a job that he didn't enjoy. His father solidified this message by telling Bruckheimer early on that it was better to do something you love than to have to wait all year to take two weeks off. That lesson seared itself so well in Jerry's mind that he now enjoys everything in the producing busine...
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Mike Wallace
Mike Wallace - Host Mike Wallace was the type of guy you didn't want to meet if you were involved in any kind of duplicitous business or criminal activity. He had a way of sniffing around until he found an edge that could put people behind bars. As a featured investigative reporter for the storied 60 Minutes news magazine, Wallace dug into the lives of the notorious, criminal and championed personalities of his era. He recorded nearly forty years as one of CBS's most respected journalists and won as many as 20 Emmys along the way. ...
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Birthday Celebrities
Jason Bay turns 42 today

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Age: 15
Jean Claude  Van Damme
Age: 60
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Age: 49
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Age: 90
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Age: 38
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Age: 60
Beyonce Knowles
Age: 39
Kobe Bryant
Age: 42
Charlie Sheen
Age: 45
Leann Rimes
Age: 38
Flo Rida 
Age: 41
Elisabetta Canalis
Age: 42
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Age: 45
Carlo Gambino
Age: 118
Adam Sandler
Age: 54
Jerry Bruckheimer
Age: 75
Jose Aldo
Age: 34
Keanu Reeves
Age: 56
Dave Ramsey
Age: 60
Shaun White
Age: 34
Bruce Springsteen
Age: 71
Gene Simmons
Age: 71
Dr Phil McGraw
Age: 70
Marc Anthony
Age: 52
Mark Harmon
Age: 69
Tyler Perry
Age: 41
Stephen King
Age: 73
Cameron Diaz
Age: 48
Carlos Rivas
Age: 71
Andrew Luck
Age: 31
Jason Bay
Age: 42
Matt Kemp
Age: 36
Jennifer Hudson
Age: 39
James Gandolfini
Age: 59
Cesar Millan
Age: 51
Wiz Khalifa
Age: 33
Age: 24
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