Kim Dotcom's Net Worth Is ($50,512,500)

Wednesday, April 4, 2012
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Kim Dotcom makes for a great story when it comes to whether his computer activity is legal or not.  Over the years, he has gone toe-to-toe attempting to have his way.  Right now, the U.S.  Government has been doing everything to thwart him from continuing with a site he established called  

The German native took awhile before he settled on his latest moniker.  He has gone by several different aliases before settling on the current Kim Dotcom.  During his life, the oversize Dotcom has had a voracious appetite for expensive cars, big houses and luxury.  His current compound in New Zealand covers five acres and has stables, a swimming pool, several guest houses and a hedge cut into a maze.  

In his stable of cars, five of them had vanity plates that read 'Hacker', 'Mafia', 'Stoned', 'Police' and 'God'.  His cars included a pink rag top antique Cadillac, a Drop head Bentley and a dozen Mercedes of all shapes and sizes.  

Even as a teenager, Kim Dotcom drew the ire of U.S.  authorities.  More than once, he was accused, arrested and sentenced involving computer breaches in the United States that lead to stolen calling card numbers.  After receiving a probationary period, he scored big when he sold his interest in Dataprotect prior to the dotcom bubble burst in early 2000.   It didn't take long before he was embroiled in another messy legal situation in Thailand.  In 2001, an investment opportunity collapsed and he was accused of insider trading and embezzlement by the German government.  Again, he served a short probationary term and this time needed to repay the court ordered restitution.  

All the build up of the Megaupload site came to a stop on January 19, 2012, after the U.S.  Justice Department swooped in and seized all the domain names.  The authorities found Kim Dotcom holed up in a safe room armed to the teeth.  Kim Dotcom has recently been released on bail in New Zealand, but access to his bank accounts remain frozen at this time.

Bottom Line: Kim has gotten in some financial trouble and is now spending more than he earns. All told Kim loses ($9,137,500) per year after lifestyle, taxes and other expenses. predicts that at his current pace of spending, Kim Dotcom will be bankrupt in 6 years! Slow your roll Kim!

Kim Dotcom Photos
The Dotcom Mansion is a sight to see, complete with it's own zoo! This sign greets all visitors to Kim`s mansion, even the police! The New Zealand authorities acted at the behest of the US Government to seize the Dotcom fleet of Mercedes.  They were later returned. Kim Dotcom did not just let his Rolls Royce do the talking, he got the license plate GOD to ensure there was no confusion about the driver. Kim Dotcom had the sense to opt for the AMG version of the G Wagen, and to get POLICE written on the license plate. What may be Kim Dotcoms most powerful car, his Mercedes S65.
Maybe this is Kim Dotcoms wifes car, the Mercedes ML63. What a cool pink Cadillac convertible Kim Dotcom has! Kim Dotcom needed his own jet for pleasure but also to commute to his office in Hong Kong, which was situated in a $12,000 per day hotel room. The Considering his friend and his yacht, it looks like Kim Dotcom has a full afternoon.

Kim Dotcom's Wealth
How rich is Kim Dotcom? ($50,512,500)
How much does Kim Dotcom earn? ($9,137,500)
How does Kim Dotcom make money? Business , Criminal
How old is Kim Dotcom 121
Does Kim Dotcom have kids? 3 children
Debt 150,000,000
Financial Advice Should buy more mutual funds, less caviar.
Interesting Facts About Kim Dotcom
Nicknames Kimble, Kim Tim, Jim Vestor
How Tall Is Kim Dotcom? 6 feet 6 inches
How Much Does Kim Dotcom Weigh? 322 pounds
Is Kim Dotcom gay ? Straight
Kim Dotcom's Nationality German

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