Barack Obama's Net Worth Is $51,507,400

Thursday, March 22, 2012
Barack Obama Net Worth Jump To Barack Obama's Stats
The President of the United States might as well become a gardener after his present stint, because Barack Obama has been raking in the cash.  Currently, his net worth is $51,507,400 and he has yet to pen his memoirs! Consider it a wild guess, but Barack Obama may want to make another go at it with the 2012 U.S.  Presidency up for grabs.  

He has a habit of grabbing things others believe impossible.  As the son of a single mother from Hawaii in the early 60s, Barack made sure his educational days weren`t wasted.  He obtained his undergraduate degree from Columbia University in New York before heading to Harvard to get his law degree.  One of the accolades that Obama captured during his academia days included becoming the Editor of the Harvard Law Review, a prestigious legal publication admired throughout the world and tough to get.  

Smitten with a colleague named Michelle, he set up camp in Chicago, Illinois after his studies were complete to become a community organizer.  This was not necessarily the brightest of financial moves coming out of Harvard Law, but love can lead anyone anywhere.  While some of his fellow classmates were accepting first year law positions in New York firms for $150,000 per year, Barack followed his heart by accepting a $27,500 position in the Second City.  He married Michelle Obama shortly thereafter.  

He`s been making up the financial side ever since.  He began to give classes as an adjunct professor at the University of Chicago law school.  In addition, his political activism launched an eventually successful campaign as an Illinois State Senator from 1997 until 2004.  The whole while he had become more and more recognized as a staunch political force in the hard knocks world of Chicago and Illinois politics.  Credited as a turning point in his political career, Obama gave the keynote speech at the 2004 Democratic Presidential Nomination Convention.  His stock tripled after the oratory.  Ultimately, he managed to become Illinois` junior U.S.  Senator in 2006 as both his political stock and bank accounts started to reflect serious traction.

In a hotly contested 2008 Presidential campaign, Barack Obama fended off Arizona Senator John McCain to become the 44th President of the United States.  He is the first African American ever to hold that office.  It seems he enjoys a good challenge.  

As the crux of the global financial crisis hit America, Obama signed economic stimulus legislation that has been hotly contested by his adversaries.  He has championed the controversial health care reform through its fruition and abolished the law restricting sexual orientation in the military.  In the foreign policy department, he officially ended military operations in Iraq.  He also has been credited with ordering the operation that resulted in the death of Osama bin Laden America`s public enemy No.  1.

Depending on the outcome of the 2012 Presidential Election, Barack can start making a huge amount of money right away with a loss; or bank those thoughts with a win and make a tri-hugic sum in 2016.  In either scenario, his net worth can not suffer.  

Bottom Line: By controlling his lifestyle and spending less than he makes, Barack earns $3,423,400 per year after lifestyle, taxes and other expenses.

Barack Obama's Wealth
How rich is Barack Obama? $51,507,400
How much does Barack Obama earn? $3,423,400
How does Barack Obama make money? Politics , Author , Liberalism
How old is Barack Obama 60
Is Barack Obama married? 1 time(s)
Does Barack Obama have kids? 2 children
Twitter Followers 12,500,000
Facebook Fans 25,000,000
Financial Advice This wealth is on autopilot and should never run out.
Interesting Facts About Barack Obama
Nicknames Barry
What is Barack Obama's Birthday? Friday, August 4, 1961
What is Barack Obama's Sign? Leo
How Tall Is Barack Obama? 6 feet 1 inch
How Much Does Barack Obama Weigh? 180 pounds
Is Barack Obama gay ? Straight
Barack Obama's Nationality American

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