Tiger Woods' Net Worth Is $1,039,410,000

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Thursday, March 22, 2012
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Although Tiger Woods` golf game hasn`t roared lately, his net worth of $1,039,410,000seems to be on the rebound.  Next in line to Jack Nicklaus` record 18 major golf championships, Woods has been trying to rehabilitate both his game and his image since the 2009 Thanksgiving falling out he had with his ex-wife Erin Nordegren.  

Beside the calamity of a divorce in 2010 and sponsorship deals avoiding renewal during the ensuing months, Woods has slowly climbed back into the mix with new sponsors as time allowed for the healing process.  He now has endorsement/sponsorship deals with EA Sports, Fuse Science, Inc., Kowa, NetJets, Nike Golf, Rolex, Upper Deck and TLC Laser Eye Centers.  

The start of his career knew no such convulsions.  He studied at Stanford University, and won a number of amateur U.S.  golf titles before turning professional in 1996.  Woods shot to fame after winning the U.S.  Masters at Augusta in 1997—with a record score of 270—at the age of 21.  Woods was the youngest man to earn the title, and the first African-American to accomplish this feat.

His accomplishments on the golf course can not be denied.  He has accumulated 14 major trophies, holding all four at one time – although in connecting years – referred to as the Tiger Slam.  He has won 95 tournaments, 71 of those on the PGA Tour, including the 1997, 2001, 2002 and 2005 Masters Tournaments, 1999, 2000, 2006 and 2007 PGA Championships, 2000, 2002, and 2008 U.S.  Open Championships, and 2000, 2005 and 2006 Open Championships.

Woods holds or shares the record for the low score in relation to par in each of the four major championships.  His records are 270 (18-under par) in the 1997 Masters, 269 (19-under par) in the 2000 Open Championship, and he shares the record of 270 (18-under par) with Bob May in the 2000 PGA Championship, which Tiger won by one stroke in a three-hole playoff.  He held the U.S.  Open records of 272 and 12-under par (set in 2000) until 2011.

When it comes to money, he has made millionaires out of many others on the way to making golf a huge spectator sport.  Tiger increased his record total on the PGA Tour career money list to $94,817,542 through 2011, and had won $115,618,045 worldwide.  Put that together with the sponsorships he has had and those he garners and you are talking serious dust.  

Tiger has also embraced social media, launching a Facebook page in 2009 and an official Twitter account in the fall of 2010.  To date, Tiger has about 2.2 million followers on Facebook, which he regularly updates with fan-centric photos and videos.  Tiger`s Twitter account drew a prodigious number of followers upon activation, as several hundred thousand fans signed up in just the first few weeks of tweeting.  Presently, Tiger has nearly 1.5 million followers.

His substantial accomplishments continue to parlay themselves into lining his pockets.  His potential for a growing net worth can only increase as his game improves.

Bottom Line: By controlling his lifestyle and spending less than he makes, Tiger earns $59,000,000 per year after lifestyle, taxes and other expenses.

Tiger Woods Photos
Don't ask Tiger Woods what happened to this black Escalade, it's a touchy subject for him. Tiger Woods paid over $60 million for the massive amount of land and the renovations that made this house a reality. TWA - Tiger Woods Airlines consists of this Gulfstream jet. Tiger Woods doesn't need a tee time or a membership to play this golf course.  It's the backyard of his Jupiter Florida mansion. Once Tiger Woods shed his endorsement deal with Buick, he was free to drive in a manner suitable to his wealth.  Here is his Mercedes Benz AMG S65, a twin turbo V-12 sedan. Tiger Woods' 155 foot long mega yacht, which he named Privacy.

Tiger Woods' Wealth
How rich is Tiger Woods? $1,039,410,000
How much does Tiger Woods earn? $59,000,000
How does Tiger Woods make money? Athlete , Golf
How old is Tiger Woods 46
Is Tiger Woods married? 1 time(s)
Does Tiger Woods have kids? 2 children
Twitter Followers 1,800,000
Facebook Fans 2,300,000
Debt 110,000,000
Financial Advice This wealth is on autopilot and should never run out.
Interesting Facts About Tiger Woods
What is Tiger Woods' Birthday? Tuesday, December 30, 1975
What is Tiger Woods' Sign? Capricorn
How Tall Is Tiger Woods? 6 feet 1 inch
How Much Does Tiger Woods Weigh? 185 pounds
Is Tiger Woods gay ? Straight
Tiger Woods' Nationality American

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