Warren Buffett's Net Worth Is $75,921,332,250

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Tuesday, March 27, 2012
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Warren Edward Buffett knows a thing or two about investing.  Just look as his accumulated net worth of $75,921,332,250.  For more than seventy years, Buffett has been employing a methodology of investing that has led him to the peak as the foremost oracle when it comes to making a market.  As a matter of fact, one of his nicknames is the Oracle of Omaha.  Sometimes, they call him the Wizard or the Sage.  All the monikers seem to fit.  

Considered one the world's most wealthy people, the Omaha, Nebraska native did not veer far from his home town roots in order to accomplish that feat.  His frugal style and earnest approach to people belies his strong fiscal philosophy of finding the right value for any investment.  Even though his mere word can set markets in a tizzy in London, New York or Jakarta, Buffett maintains his offices in his home town.  

As a child, Buffett made his own way by selling chewing gum, Coca Cola and magazine subscriptions.  As he grew older, he ventured into other markets that he determined were worth his time, including pinball machines in barbershops and an early foray into the stock market.  By the time he was in college, he designed his studies to follow a revered financial mind in Benjamin Graham.  According to Buffett, throughout the remainder of his life, he has always considered Graham's views as the most appropriate to make money through investing.  

Now, Buffett sits comfortably as the Chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway.  He also own the most shares of Berkshire.  He has diversified the company to own thousands of companies with hundreds of thousands of employee.  On an annual basis, thousands of people, investors, politicians and lay folks all wait for his annual report.  Unlike other corporate reports, Buffett throws in that good Ole home cooking with quips about successes, failures, hopes and dreams.  Instead of having the annual stockholders meeting in various parts of the world, Buffett commands each meet right in Omaha, Nebraska.

Bottom Line: By controlling his lifestyle and spending less than he makes, Warren earns $4,102,370,250 per year after lifestyle, taxes and other expenses.

Warren Buffett Photos
Warren Buffett is always within reach of being the world's richest man.  He lives in this brown house in Omaha Nebraska. Want to know how to become a rich man?  Read the license plate on Warren Buffett's Lincoln.

Warren Buffett's Wealth
How rich is Warren Buffett? $75,921,332,250
How much does Warren Buffett earn? $4,102,370,250
How does Warren Buffett make money? Investor
How old is Warren Buffett 90
Is Warren Buffett married? 2 time(s)
Does Warren Buffett have kids? 3 children
Financial Advice If money is the game, here is your winner. Every nickel quickly turns into a dime.
Interesting Facts About Warren Buffett
Nicknames Sage of Omaha, Warren Edward Buffett
What is Warren Buffett's Birthday? Saturday, August 30, 1930
What is Warren Buffett's Sign? Virgo
How Tall Is Warren Buffett? 5 feet 10 inches
Is Warren Buffett gay ? Straight
Warren Buffett's Nationality American

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