Taylor Swift's Net Worth Is $366,760,000

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012
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She is young, talented, gorgeous, a definite triple threat and she has the impressive $366,760,000 to prove it.  Taylor Swift is doing her thing, making sweet country music for which she won four coveted Grammys including Album of the Year for her second album Fearless.  

However accomplished this may be, Swift's 52nd Grammy Award ceremony appearance and huge wins wasn’t the highlight of the day but rather the infamous rude acceptance interruption by Rapper Kanye West.  Some critics say as horrible as the rapper’s gaffe was, the publicity catapulted the songstress onto the brightly lit stage of national fame.

The media couldn’t stop buzzing about it.  Forget which category she won for-- no one remembered - but we all have Kanye’s “No offense but Beyonce made the best album of all time” or something to that effect, indelibly imprinted in our memory.  We were all mortified, television viewers and award attendees alike.  What was he thinking?

Now, looking back, the extremely poor manners and taste exhibited by K West may just have been a blessing in disguise for young Miss Swift is now a household name.  Her vocals coupled with her writing and musical skills also had a little something to do with it of course.

Swift first bust on the scene in 2006 when she was only a teen, with her Single called Tim McGraw and later her self-titled album.  This venture was so successful, it went multi- Platinum, selling 4 million copies combined.  Her second album Fearless sold about 1.3 million nationwide.   But her musical appeal is not only here at home but spans the foreign market as well, selling a total of 20 million albums and 41.8 million singles worldwide as of 2011.  The singing sensation is also on the ‘Who is Who’ celebrity bankable list, ranking 69th on Forbes most powerful, with a 2009 gross earnings of 18 $ million-- and she is only a mere 22.

2010 was even better for she moved up the powerful celeb rank to 12th and topped her bankability at $45 million.  Did she reach her plateau then? Oh no, Ms.  Swift is just getting warmed up and 2011 saw her closer to the top than she has ever been, sitting effortlessly at 7th place on the power list.

Her many lucrative endorsements include CoverGirl, Lei Jeans and even the dairy industry is using the fresh-faced Pennsylvania beauty in their popular Got Milk commercials.  Still in her early twenties, the world is her oyster for she is sure to have many more profitable deals and albums ahead of her.

Bottom Line: By controlling her lifestyle and spending less than she makes, Taylor earns $31,410,000 per year after lifestyle, taxes and other expenses.

Taylor Swift Photos
Taylor Swift's lifted Chevy Silverado, in hot pink.

Taylor Swift's Wealth
How rich is Taylor Swift? $366,760,000
How much does Taylor Swift earn? $31,410,000
How does Taylor Swift make money? Musician
How old is Taylor Swift 31
Twitter Followers 11,400,000
Facebook Fans 29,300,000
Financial Advice This wealth is on autopilot and should never run out.
Interesting Facts About Taylor Swift
Nicknames Taylor Alison Swift
What is Taylor Swift's Birthday? Wednesday, December 13, 1989
What is Taylor Swift's Sign? Sagittarius
How Tall Is Taylor Swift? 5 feet 11 inches
How Much Does Taylor Swift Weigh? 120 pounds
Is Taylor Swift a lesbian ? Straight
Taylor Swift's Nationality American

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