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Bubba Watson
Bubba Watson - Athlete The first thing anyone should do is think about anyone...anyone you know....personally.... that has the name Bubba. Now it should match up pretty well with the list of people you know personally that have won the Masters golf tournament in Augusta. Improbable, yes. Impossible, just happened.
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Arnold Schwarzenegger
Arnold Schwarzenegger - Athlete His father learned the hard way. Don't underestimate Arnold Schwarzenegger. Arnold went from a childhood of berating by his father to become the epitome of a bodybuilder, public speaker, politician, actor and investor. His aggressive approach to attaining his goals has built his net worth to $$$.
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Will Ferrell
Will Ferrell - Actor Will Ferrell credits a couple of life time experiences that have made him the funny man that he is today. Where he was born had a lot to do with it. In an enclave of perfection – called Irvine, California – not much went wrong as he grew up. The planned, manicured community in Southern California made for little drama and few surprises. In order to have fun, Ferrell was compelled to start things himself.
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Warren Sapp
Warren Sapp - Athlete Warren Sapp was a Miami Hurricane. Then, he became a Tampa Bay Buccaneer. Somewhere along the line he played as an Oakland Raider and now he is trying out to be a United States Bankrupter. Changing teams, affiliations and contracts could not change the inevitable demise of his bank account as the announcer for NFL Networks realizes that his assets must exceed his debts and that hasn't been the case of a raiding buccaneer headed into a baby-mama hurricane.
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Miguel Cabrera
Miguel Cabrera - Athlete Miguel Cabrera proved early on that he was destined to be a Major League baseball player. In 2003 when he was 20 years old, the Venezuelan made his successful debut with the Florida Marlins. Ten years later, his fielding skills and batsmanship has earned him a healthy net worth of $$$ as a Detroit Tiger.
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JJ Abrams
JJ Abrams - Producer Some of Jeffrey Jacob Abrams work has kept us spellbound, sitting on the edge of our movie seats or clutching the remote control at home. Movies and television shows that are rife with suspense like ABC’s Lost and Alias. Other offerings by J.J. Abrams include the updated epic Star Trek, Mission Impossible III and the 2011 release of Mission Impossible-Ghost Protocol. His accomplishments on the small and big screen has pumped up his net worth to $$$.
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Birthday Celebrities
Bucky Lasek turns 44 today
Ozzy Osbourne turns 68 today
Andy Grammer turns 33 today

Celebrity Astrology: Sagittarius
Lucky Luciano
Age: 119
Warren Sapp
Age: 44
Ben Bernanke
Age: 63
Milla Jovovich
Age: 41
Taylor Swift
Age: 27
Nicki Minaj
Age: 34
Britney Spears
Age: 35
Age: 29
Vin Sculley
Age: 89
Ted Nugent
Age: 68
Jay Z 
Age: 47
Pablo Escobar
Age: 67
Ray Romano
Age: 59
Manny Pacquiao
Age: 38
Dwight Howard
Age: 31
Jon Stewart
Age: 54
Bhumibol Adulyadej
Age: 89
Amado Fuentes
Age: 60
Bucky Lasek
Age: 44
Aaron Rodgers
Age: 33
Terrell Owens
Age: 43
Steven Spielberg
Age: 70
Ben Stiller
Age: 51
Miley Cyrus
Age: 24
Dick Wolf
Age: 70
Teri Hatcher
Age: 52
Katherine Heigl
Age: 38
Age: 46
Brad Pitt
Age: 53
Christina Aguilera
Age: 36
Ozzy Osbourne
Age: 68
Keith Richards
Age: 73
Andy Grammer
Age: 33
The Game 
Age: 37
Dionne Warwick
Age: 76
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